carolyn kinch
carolyn kinch 39 minuta më parë
Accountability IS Essential..!!
richard richardson
richard richardson 39 minuta më parë
NBC is trash.
B Happy
B Happy 39 minuta më parë
The oval office should change the drapes. That color is dirty looking dispite the color is yellow . Also , everytime they flash a picture of Trump , those yellow drapes show up. The Benjamin Franklin portrait is spot on. Benjamin Franklin did everything . He was a smart man.
Jack Wheeler
Jack Wheeler 39 minuta më parë
Hey, 3 war criminals!
Zen Starr
Zen Starr 40 minuta më parë
You didn't waste anytime following Saul Alinsky's Rules For Raticals. Seems like Obama lent you his copy.
PrometheusTV 40 minuta më parë
At least he kept the gold curtains
Riley Reid
Riley Reid 40 minuta më parë
The troubled package karyologically remember because scale contradictorily close with a crowded spleen. ajar, condemned coast
jmgpy2k 40 minuta më parë
Good Report
quangvb916 40 minuta më parë
Go home dude.
ĐM. Trong LÚ
ĐM. Trong LÚ 40 minuta më parë
Hey ABC News ! CANYOU TELL ME WHY did your CHANNEL GOT >>>2.8K +1 Thumb down!!! Just because ...FAKENEWS???
Phyllis Black
Phyllis Black 40 minuta më parë
Amanda Gorman, a well done job, outstanding performance, beautiful poet, you have touch the American Heart. Keep up the great work. May God Bless Continue To Bless You In Your future To Come
C-Note Mac
C-Note Mac 40 minuta më parë
Fake Likes
Emma G.
Emma G. 40 minuta më parë
Watch 'The New Normal' Documentary on Offguardian.
LostinTheSauce 40 minuta më parë
The democrats encouraging rioting in the streets isn’t insurrection?
Ramon Ng
Ramon Ng 40 minuta më parë
I slept so much better last night..the poetry was exquisite, had to lisren to it many times
The Very Last One
The Very Last One 40 minuta më parë
Too bad it didn't really happen. Long live Trump!
madseason, its a madseason
madseason, its a madseason 40 minuta më parë
Biden=not my president
Willie Ellis
Willie Ellis 40 minuta më parë
Georgia's was blessed to have these wonderful honest men and women he wanted to over turnthe votes
Norbert Hofer
Norbert Hofer 40 minuta më parë
Where’s Hunters Office?
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil 40 minuta më parë
1984 is in the top desk drawer. It's his playbook
emily ngo
emily ngo 41 minutë më parë
She is a big liar on first day on her job.
TYKX 41 minutë më parë
Dumbest doomsday cult ever.
roy dunn
roy dunn 41 minutë më parë
That one guy is right, not all trump supporters are in that basket of domestic terrorists they just supported it and the kidnapping of kids and the failed trade war and the fact that most of the stimulus went to big corporations and the force used against BLM protesters ......etc.
Radu Topan
Radu Topan 41 minutë më parë
Is bill or mike having hot sweats
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins 41 minutë më parë
The symptomatic composition naively list because halibut aetiologically pump after a utter town. ugliest, sassy bookcase
Puck You
Puck You 41 minutë më parë
Welp that's where abuse enters the chat
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman 41 minutë më parë
the the the the, the the the the
itszoe easy
itszoe easy 41 minutë më parë
It takes guts to be Mike Pence 😂 Though he was snub at the inauguration he still have courage face the fact that almost everybody there hates him
Jigsawsg 41 minutë më parë
Dr Fauci looks more relaxed today. Congrats Dr Fauci, you survived 4 years so I guess we can call you a SURVIVOR!
Nathan Callahan
Nathan Callahan 41 minutë më parë
I'm already forgetting who the last President was. I'm only recognizing Obama as the previous President.
Richie Tattersall
Richie Tattersall 41 minutë më parë
Not prosecuting a Criminal is what divides, they broke the law and you let them get away with it.
Cat Blue
Cat Blue 42 minuta më parë
Those of us who can’t get it yet will have some time to see if anything happens to the people who’ve already had it and whether or not it really works. Trying to stay positive. Making me cRaZy.
laraza74dhr 42 minuta më parë
Wtf? What is wrong with this people? They just repeating what trump said. Can you think for yourself a little bit?
TheBigbloom 42 minuta më parë
Avengersssssss.... Assemble.🤭
Koda 42 minuta më parë
Didn't FDR send 120,000 japanese americans to interment camps? Strange choice for a portrait?
D. Smyth
D. Smyth 42 minuta më parë
Two men walk into the white house.
Spencer Chiriseri
Spencer Chiriseri 42 minuta më parë
Wisdom upon wisdom Precept upon precept Intellect upon intellect Thank you Great man of honour
Radu Topan
Radu Topan 42 minuta më parë
leolookingup 42 minuta më parë
Looks like my grandma’s living room. Taxpayers payed for that? Went to WH basement in the 60’s section and asked for whatever looks like baby puke or vanilla ensure.
byronofcalgary 42 minuta më parë
I would see this as 1930's Germany and Trump is six months away from writing "My Struggle" ... or "My Campaign" - - watch Arnold Swarznegger's appeal on YT - Jan 7th if I recall...
keetlemeetle311 42 minuta më parë
bla bla big words monoclonal mcdonalds mcnugget shut up you mutant.
gottabighit1 42 minuta më parë
I am a pharmacist. I am a certified immunizer of 7 years. CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart are not giving COVID vaccines yet. Haven’t you wondered why? Hasn’t the MSM questioned that fact? Why haven’t they? Answer: They did not file their paperwork on time in order to obtain the vaccine in a timely manner, back when the vaccine was being created, and then studied. They drug their feet, not believing Trump's Warp Speed could get it done in under 2 years, much less 10 months. THIS is the real truth you will NEVER hear from the big corps, nor the main stream media. THIS is why the distribution is going so slowly... There is no one to distribute to !! There are very few pharmacies / pharmacists immunizing yet. My pharmacy is a statewide, privately held company. We believed (in Warp Speed) from the beginning, and we are vaccinating now. But, let me tell you this. The process is S-L-O-W ... the general public is clueless, sadly, uneducated and uninformed. The paperwork is massive. To get people to keep an appointment, even for a FREE, potentially life-saving vaccine, is difficult. To have people show up on time, is impossible. To have them show up with completed paperwork downloaded from online, is IMPOSSIBLE. A very low percentage of the elderly have a home computer, internet access, and no printer. Smart phones are almost non-existent for the poor and elderly. Very few are showing up with an immunization card to document the vaccine. Most of my clientele have NEVER had a vaccine of any sort, ever. We are getting 200-300 extra phone calls daily asking every question imaginable ABOUT the vaccine. We are having a difficult time just filling Rx's for our 600-700 per day regular customers, much less the 40,000 people in my community that want a COVID vaccine. A COVID vaccine that must be kept at -90 degrees F ... that must be given within a few hours once thawed ... and is valued at over $3,000,000,000. We gave 20 COVID vaccines today. It was literal torture. We are giving our regular Flu vaccines, MMR's, Tetanus, Pneumonia, etc. PLUS dealing with the COVID vaccine, and hundreds, thousands of COVID positive customers / patients. We could have given 100 Flu vaccines in the time it took us to give 20 COVID vaccines. And the part very few are thinking of, it has got to be given TWICE. Once now, and again in 21-28 days (to be effective). O M G ... CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart have no clue what's about to hit them. Their CEO's had better wake up and beef up pharmacy supportive personnel ... or they're gonna have massive "walk-outs". Their labor margins are already razor thin ... any of you been to a CVS lately? President Biden, I wanna see 100,000,000 vaccines given by April 9th ... of course, I know your bad with numbers ... but, will it take another 100 days for all those people to receive their SECOND dose of vaccine? LOL Clueless ...
christina alfonse
christina alfonse 42 minuta më parë
dems use thugs to attack people with stand down cops 2016 multiple times! dems use thugs to burn loot for almost a month dems use thugs to break glass of businesses during inauguration too dems and rhinos never impeach bush or obama that wasted trillions of taxes just to do wars from 2000 to 2012 for migrant crisis europe by ngos=alnets.info/work/ktOrgLiq3ZaHq20/video.html
Jose Luis Ayala
Jose Luis Ayala 42 minuta më parë
TreyTrey22 42 minuta më parë
“Following science” Well I hope they put more money into space and don’t shutdown NASA like they did last time.
Melissa VerDuin
Melissa VerDuin 42 minuta më parë
Amanda lifts my heart and gives me hope! Super stars and politicians come and go...Amanda is here and now! Hopefully we'll see(and hear)more of her presence! 💞🇺🇲🗽 Thank you Lester!
youknowmysteelo 43 minuta më parë
The pandering to Latinos is horrendous.
Scott B.
Scott B. 43 minuta më parë
A big storm is coming in DC and seven fraud electoral states and 7 fraud electoral states. World globalists will get arrest by the military anytime now and 4 people already got arrested recently. Trump will send the military to arrest more corrupted people and fraudsters and high-tech globalists and more many crooks straight today and tomorrow. Biden will not be our president. He and Karma Harris will go to prison for treasons and terns and willfully know what they did break US constitutional laws And federal law and presidency law and power. Bad hackers will attack viruses and malware and steal passcode and password to sell fake electoral votes to venture democrats and surplus democrat deals. All of you need to ignore the TV and social media until Trump announced this week. Trump’s general already sent 9 Delta forces to fly to World Globalists. I don’t know what country. US rank military generals and UN and United States of President won’t tell us where they go. Please wear a mask when one of you needs to go. You need to put full gas in your vehicle before the 20th of January. Have plenty of money for food. Maybe two weeks no power and banks will be closed. Yes, Beijing Biden and Kamala Harris will be arrested anytime today or tomorrow by the military tribunal via the insurrection act of 1807. President Trump will retake the white house shortly.
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher 43 minuta më parë
Consider the pressures these men faced: Clinton - The Post-Cold War World Bush - 9/11 Obama- The Great Recession
E C 43 minuta më parë
Is he reflecting on all the problematic things behind the majority of these pics?? SMH.
christina alfonse
christina alfonse 43 minuta më parë
dems are the super spreaders of covid19 and h1n1=both times they say no need to cancel holiday travels during early stage of pandemic+lunar new year parades must go on, rioters loot, dnc hate out patient treatment research, dnc tell businesses to close but still tax them just to support city double pensions during lock downs= alnets.info/work/ncdqorLBzGxlmqQ/video.html alnets.info/work/hcmjqbuT35lkzZg/video.html
Jacob Mrochinski
Jacob Mrochinski 43 minuta më parë
Conservatives have absolutely no problem working with anyone, they don’t care that other people have different beliefs and thoughts. It’s the far left wingers that refuse to accept nothing but what they believe and can’t work together.
Noah x Guttierrez
Noah x Guttierrez 43 minuta më parë
LinaLeah Garcia
LinaLeah Garcia 43 minuta më parë
Trump had pictures of himself and Ronald McDonald .......
Bank Loan Calculator
Bank Loan Calculator 43 minuta më parë
1:59 her xpresssion says it all, so also 1:21 I could relate to that boy's feeling of discomfort
Steven Frisch
Steven Frisch 43 minuta më parë
It is painful that a "poem" this mediocre was elevated to the level of being given during a presidential inauguration. Seriously, I am a math major and I have written English papers much better then this.
Lee Onlee
Lee Onlee 43 minuta më parë
Because we are American, please can we move forward together America. American 🗽
Cathy Sisneros
Cathy Sisneros 43 minuta më parë
She is such a pretty, honest lady!😁💯😊
big green
big green 44 minuta më parë
Hold the line
John Gilmour
John Gilmour 44 minuta më parë
this prime minister has had enough opportunities to do the correct thing, however his narcissistic attitude does not allow him to think with any compassion! IN MY OPINION!
Abiy BattleSpell
Abiy BattleSpell 44 minuta më parë
tht blue rug looks dirty af. so many dark spots......
Kevin Madden
Kevin Madden 44 minuta më parë
Clinton condomed up for the first time?
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett 44 minuta më parë
Who wants to cut this cheese?
mdmarko 45 minuta më parë
They can have mine. I'm waiting two years to make sure this stuff is safe.
rjmprod 45 minuta më parë
The Media like NBC have been in bed with the Democrat party to tear down America so they can rebuild to the Blueprint of Soros/Sanders.......Wake up people it may already be too late to save the country that others are willing to die to come too..!
Dexter Bernard
Dexter Bernard 45 minuta më parë
It's upsetting that the former administration didn't have a plan for attempting to controlling the pandemic. Did they have a plan about anything? ANYTHING?! We (American Citizens) were stabbed in the back, lied to and fed conspiratorial rhetoric to put their propaganda first.
Zachary Zaczek
Zachary Zaczek 45 minuta më parë
Y’all are delirious....
eastwest312 paq
eastwest312 paq 45 minuta më parë
Considering your view count, no one cares
Mix Pick
Mix Pick 45 minuta më parë
While this is truly American exceptionalism at it's finest, I have to say this young lady spoke for the world! Absolutely amazing. Bravo!
Danny Bourey
Danny Bourey 46 minuta më parë
I rather have the Trumps family smell then the scank smell of the fraud and traitor family.alread thousands lost there jobs because of this piece of work so called fraud President.now after 48 years u think he will do something lmao.its going to be great for China not American.God Help Us.
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan 46 minuta më parë
Ridiculous plan. It will simply ensure another 20 million illegals take their place and wait to be amnestified!!
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 46 minuta më parë
Why does Antifa.com get redirected to Whitehouse.org
Jose Baeza
Jose Baeza 46 minuta më parë
I’ve seen more people than that in a Chick-fil-A
InnerSloth 46 minuta më parë
Lady’s and gentlemen this is what crack looks like @0:55
C-Note Mac
C-Note Mac 42 minuta më parë
Or MK Ultra...
shelby cat
shelby cat 46 minuta më parë
If President Biden needs to recharge from his busy schedule during the day, he should remember that Ronald Reagan took a nap for a few hours a day while he was in office
Dost Khan
Dost Khan 46 minuta më parë
Amanda Goreman is just a pure Symbol of Democracy, Diversity and Freedom...
Kristal Donley
Kristal Donley 46 minuta më parë
😍 I love him
John Gilmour
John Gilmour 46 minuta më parë
it is very troubling that the Governor General of Canada, had to ""RESIGN"" in order to ""ESCAPE HARASSMENT""????? this problem lies at the feet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who Refuses to do ""THE RIGHT THING""?????? And it may be for reasons that ""TRUDEAU DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT THING TO DO IS""