Biden Administration Holds First White House Press Briefing | NBC News

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NBC News

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Jen Psaki, the Biden administration's press secretary holds the first White House press briefing.
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Biden Administration Holds First White House Press Briefing | NBC News

Beverly Merritt
Beverly Merritt Ditë më parë
NO cheating China Joe
Beverly Merritt
Beverly Merritt Ditë më parë
NO cheating China Joe
KrisJM1234 3 ditë më parë
Great it's back to premediated questions and answers, no tough questions and just non-stop circle jerking from everyone all around while Joe gets to have everything done for him for the next 4 years and takes all the credit for it.
Mike Sousa
Mike Sousa 3 ditë më parë
fyi we noticed.. downvotes yesterday 10 thousand today 3 thousand nbc cliwn news
Mike Sousa
Mike Sousa 3 ditë më parë
Biden & media theatrics the lot enemies of the people
L 6 ditë më parë
❤ Trump-was and is the best president in the whole world and nothing change that! The whole world loves him! ❤ Greetings from Europe!
PATRICK HARRISON 9 ditë më parë
ButterflyWhisperer 9 ditë më parë
I searched for “Biden presscon” and all I found was Psaki or Fauci. When are you answering questions from the press Joe??
CAL 10 ditë më parë
Is this Castle rock studios?
Hunter B
Hunter B 13 ditë më parë
I'm hoping somebody will ask if Biden still thinks any black Americans that didn't vote for him are not really black? and what race his administration wants them to put on federal forms?
Iam Cooper
Iam Cooper 14 ditë më parë
Worst PS ever, could she lie any more?, ah, um ,ah. ...she doesn't know anything.
Christopher G
Christopher G 16 ditë më parë
Biden has taken NO questions from the press since taking office....unbelievable but not a surprise. 15 EO's day one....Joe said EO's were dictatorship in October.! Rules for thee but not for me...Joe lies.
deedillydamn 17 ditë më parë
You're not in Washington DC you're at the prop of West Wing show
Dave Legion
Dave Legion 19 ditë më parë
6:53 You're welcome.
Harsha P
Harsha P 22 ditë më parë
NBC is definitely part of DNC...shame ..
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 22 ditë më parë
Stalls and says ummm a lot.. Last press Secretary was a lot better
Llama Genta
Llama Genta 22 ditë më parë
ALnets deleting dislikes again hah
Tommy Lucas
Tommy Lucas 23 ditë më parë
MSM selling out America one day at a time
Tommy Lucas
Tommy Lucas 23 ditë më parë
Biden is a puppet put in office by corrupt politicians and fake news
Jessie McDaniel
Jessie McDaniel 23 ditë më parë
Well what does that mean sign ex order that's all been done. Republican are wanting on you to fail They only waited right up to last minute to say something To hold U up they don't won't to work with you You can't work with someone that' don't want to work with you. They laughing
deedillydamn 23 ditë më parë
Fake pandemic only propaganda media pandemic fake news
deedillydamn 23 ditë më parë
Their press briefings are only one sided.
deedillydamn 23 ditë më parë
Boy I see the algorithms out of whack again
Standard Pest Management
Standard Pest Management 23 ditë më parë
So nice to see reporters laying up slow pitch softballs. Where are the blood thirsty numb nuts that questioned Trump on his daily briefings he held for 3 months straight. Biden lost. 100 million American got hosed by these clowns.
Rob O
Rob O 24 ditë më parë
all serve pump
all serve pump 25 ditë më parë
Censorship , dictatorship and socialism That's what America voted for when you voted for Biden.
siemenstraffic 26 ditë më parë
I didn't vote for Joe Biden, Dominion voted for me instead!
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 26 ditë më parë
I’m curious if Biden will ever answer questions
Phil McCracken
Phil McCracken 27 ditë më parë
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. These Socialists aught to keep quiet and low to the ground. BLOOD IS ABOUT TO BE SPILLED!
Wong Kar What
Wong Kar What 27 ditë më parë
Rebuilding trust? NEWS FLASH we don't trust you, Trump, the media, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Republicans or the Democrats. You have all been unbelievably corrupt in countless ways. Look no further than Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, the false Russiagate story, Epstein, the US funded genocide in Yemen. Americans can't even get Med4All in the middle of a pandemic where millions of Americans have lost their jobs, lost their healthcare and where over a million Americans have died.
shafmay 27 ditë më parë
Finally a press secretary and president the press likes and agrees with.
wayne bucannon
wayne bucannon Muaj më parë
Joe Biden stole the election he is not the real President
alteredcatscyprus Muaj më parë
Biggest election fraud in history.
Stephanie Orona
Stephanie Orona Muaj më parë
Let's play a game : Take a shot every time she says "Uh" or "uhm"
E S Muaj më parë
Still talking about Trump.
David Carter
David Carter Muaj më parë
Bidens been in Washington for 50 years and complains about institutional racism, you are the institution!
whyputaname Muaj më parë
She is dedicated, knowledgeable, intelligent, articulant, very refreshing.. Better than the last blond bimbo.
manu montana
manu montana Muaj më parë
Likes and dislikes are total fake🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trish Sullivan
Trish Sullivan Muaj më parë
Democrats are the party of HATE & fascism
Ronnie13 Cabral
Ronnie13 Cabral Muaj më parë
eWorkNOW Muaj më parë
Don't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all GREAT content ❤️. I also have been watching those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these clips. MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar make money online things on his channel.
Vanoffy Muaj më parë
When will the WH briefings be moved to a rest home in Beijing?
H S Muaj më parë
Fake 💩
Shawn Raymond
Shawn Raymond Muaj më parë
What happened during the DC blackout yesterday?
Jase Car
Jase Car Muaj më parë
Ohhh wow
Tariq Dag Khan
Tariq Dag Khan Muaj më parë
Tommy Lucas
Tommy Lucas Muaj më parë
Biden is a puppet put in office by corrupt politicians and fake news
cukcan Muaj më parë
11:03 president Oba.. Biden girl..... it's been long ago! I understand if you mix him with Trump but Obama?!
B KP Muaj më parë
Глеб Навин
Глеб Навин Muaj më parë
the surname Psaki in Russian sounds like "male dog urine"
Robert Briner
Robert Briner Muaj më parë
You mean to tell me you wont stop illegals from crossing the border you are nuts
Robert Briner
Robert Briner Muaj më parë
Are you kidding me you stopped the building of the wall you are crazy president Biden
Nick Powers
Nick Powers Muaj më parë
we don't need policy about she said data must stay on after all she need is all people wear mask from m. so we need to have JavaScript of online to protect from computers
Nick Powers
Nick Powers Muaj më parë
overpayment means is getting too much testing for covid-19 shed better stop making briefing meetings on overall paychecks from your work will not brief on data number must cut down on that
Nick Powers
Nick Powers Muaj më parë
data must be on not off people are are very rude at that capital ask and you shall receive seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened for you we must get security cameras will not come near
Nick Powers
Nick Powers Muaj më parë
specking of data I protect my computer for security they are rude they need to be heard them self
Nick Powers
Nick Powers Muaj më parë
we don't answer it because of politics we don't trust them people are very rude at that capital
James Fogg
James Fogg Muaj më parë
The Biden administration is going to destroy this country
Erin Einstein
Erin Einstein Muaj më parë
RocketMyDog1 Muaj më parë
I miss the good-looking press secretary who wiped the floor with the FAKE media - like you NBC.
Pegasus report
Pegasus report Muaj më parë
George Martinez
George Martinez Muaj më parë
What a joke the puppet joe China Biden already selling us out what a pos
Paul Lee
Paul Lee Muaj më parë
Californians, hurry up to Download the signature form, collect the signatures, send it back, and oust the corrupt governor and Pelosi’ nephew! Only 500,000 signatures are left. If you collect it before March 17, let this prodigal step down!
Stopda Steele
Stopda Steele Muaj më parë
What's your favorite nationality to abort? Third World countries only please!
Devil Dog 0311
Devil Dog 0311 Muaj më parë
She might get confused if you ask her a tough question. What is this the hunger games. Give me a break this administration is clearly a complete joke. People don't yearn to be free they yearn to be taken care of. Get rid of big government. Glad I didn't vote for this moron. Let's focus on the things that aren't important Fire crouch. Going back to the WHO is the worst mistake hope your tax dollars are worth it. Everything they are doing is bad for this nation. It will crumble.
Beverley Chrisjohn
Beverley Chrisjohn Muaj më parë
Antifa started rioting the day Biden took office yelling F Biden burning police stations and Targets in Denver, Portland and Seattle, oh yeah Antifa's website goes directly to President Biden, google it.??
Hot Club of the Mountains
Hot Club of the Mountains Muaj më parë
CNN Chris Cuomo - "Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful," he said. "Because I can show you that outraged citizens are what made the country what she is and led to any major milestone. To be honest, this is not a tranquil time." "Too many see the protests as the problem," he said. "No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take the streets. Persistent and poisonous inequities and injustice."
JTM Muaj më parë
Biden, not even a day in office and here is proof he is already breaking the law. When is Nancy going to impeach him????
Hi Muaj më parë
Feeling so good 💰💰👙👙👙👑👑
Richard P
Richard P Muaj më parë
Joe Biden Is A Fake President Who Likes To Touch Little Girls
Manuel ferreira
Manuel ferreira Muaj më parë
Hows there more likes than dislikes?
rotsu Muaj më parë
11:04 "president oba- biden"
Jeffrey King
Jeffrey King Muaj më parë
Joe biden is a potato.
Jed Grahek
Jed Grahek Muaj më parë
I adore her, couldn't be more perfect. I love that the right wing press can't even be chill for this one (unprecedented) immediate evening briefing after everything of the last years and weeks. Already parroting bad-faith "real unity would be doing everything the republicans want!!!! waaahhh!!!" talking points, like zombies one after another. The question is overtly engineered to generate divisiveness; what a bunch of clowns.
Kelly See
Kelly See Muaj më parë
Ugh , umm she sucks!! Lmao fake news!! How sad 😞 some of you really think Biden is the President! Lmao 😂
ryan bruno
ryan bruno Muaj më parë
The least watch inauguration ever. That's because Americans did not duly elect this dictator
D Sweet
D Sweet Muaj më parë
Good thing we know what Joe’s favorite ice cream was....what else do we talk about?
W. Scott Sherman
W. Scott Sherman Muaj më parë
How about you stop the fake news and report this?
Jamin Schmitt
Jamin Schmitt Muaj më parë
Fraudulent election. Illegitimate Presidency. Get this garbage coverage off of ALnets.
Pat Karg
Pat Karg Muaj më parë
Holy-Rotten-Corruptness, Batman
Holy-Rotten-Corruptness, Batman Muaj më parë
How much longer til they start telling us the Holocaust never happened & it was really Russia who attacked US on the day b4 Sept12,2001 (but not blding 7, we don't talk about building S7evin, eva!) takes you to - What Proud Commrades.
Katrina D
Katrina D Muaj më parë
What a professional, pleasant woman!
Tristin Storm
Tristin Storm Muaj më parë
Wow! There going to give families with 3 or more kids an extra $100 to help with food cost, not every week not every other week not even every month but over a 2 month peroid. $50 whole dollars a month or $12.50 a week for a family of at least 4 if not 5 or more but lets just go with a family of 4, $12.50 a week is about $1.80 a day thats .45 cents per person or .15 cents per meal to help out. Way to go guys.
hardlines4 Muaj më parë
Biggest POS fraud ever!!!!!
Red Blu3dragon
Red Blu3dragon Muaj më parë
Thank god it’s a bit boring😭😭😅
Uncle60 Muaj më parë
Cheat in school you get expelled, cheat in government you get to be president 🤔🤔. Imagine 4 years of anti Biden protest. Crazy. Would have been better to let the entire electoral vote be forensically examined. Let’s see if Arizona-examination today is too late or did they get there in time before machines got wiped clean
KC Cast
KC Cast Muaj më parë
Even though im a trump supporter, PROTECT THIS MAN! I DO NOT WANT A FEMALE PRESIDENT!!
Red Step Stacker
Red Step Stacker Muaj më parë
Wow when he said touch I had a flashback of the hunter P0RN Released were the 12-year-old girl says to Hunter “please don’t cut off my bra my mom just bought it for me. --You should no problem finding that. The girl is blurred out but it’s obvious she’s wearing a training bra and not a day over 12. Dozens of people are re-posting it as fast as they come down and they come down fast so screen grab it when you find it. China doesn’t like this one
Heidi Heidi
Heidi Heidi Muaj më parë
#Fraudulent! Inauguration was made at #castlerockentertainment
playersrun1 Muaj më parë
This is just sad. Still has an earpiece, can’t salute the Marines, starts wrecking the economy and disregarding his own mask mandate on day one. What a joke. Funny how the video up and down votes and subscriber numbers all reflect what a farse the election was. And a VP only picked for her gender and race.
ThePsychopompos1 Muaj më parë
No mention of Biden's impeachment?
survival conscious
survival conscious Muaj më parë
Sniffer of children. Where’s hunter?
Nathan Monaghan
Nathan Monaghan Muaj më parë
Biden has killed 10,000 Americans with covid19 in two days. The worst is yet to come.
Dave Mac
Dave Mac Muaj më parë
She is one skanck Put a mask on you will look a lot better
Jimmy Fortmoller
Jimmy Fortmoller Muaj më parë
Jen Psaki, new press secretary of White House has been seen multiple times with a communist symbol on her hoddie...that's what the media calls "refreshing"
JC Benson
JC Benson Muaj më parë
It's great to see a legitimate press secretary and not a "tap dancer" when it came to answering questions.
I AM KARMA Muaj më parë
We are now back in daily respectful articulate briefings that all can understand with out walking away overwhelmed with anxiety. 4 yrs of PTSD was enough. God knew.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Muaj më parë
What a hoax!
Sampsung Account
Sampsung Account Muaj më parë
Government, celebrities, radio ECT watch you through tv screen, phone, electrctonics not camera. They have ear pieces and watch you live at home and have inside jokes changing words and characters on tv shows ECT. They have now been equipped with radar technology that can read your thoughts using them to harm you. It goes in your home, public,. They listen to your phone on or off for years back.
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded Muaj më parë
You have to ask tough questions to get answers. Hahahahhahahahshs. Like why did you LOCK UP all the NAYIONAL GUARDS with ONE bathroom. Why joey why
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