Arizona Latinos Look To Hold President Biden Accountable On Covid Promises | NBC News NOW

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NBC News

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NBC News’ Antonia Hylton speaks to Latino voters in Arizona about their expectations for newly-minted President Biden.
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Arizona Latinos Look To Hold President Biden Accountable On Covid Promises | NBC News NOW

Walter Velez
Walter Velez Muaj më parë
No shot 4 me beast can't get me government wake up citizens
Johnny Fash
Johnny Fash Muaj më parë
White people are the ONLY racial group you can attack and face zero consequences. White people are privileged. Pick one
GaramondGourmond Muaj më parë
It's so funny: "People should stay at home and isolate themselves" American response, "Let's go visit people during the holidays!" later, "Hmmm. How could I have gotten Covid? I know, the GOVERMENT must be to blame!"
Andrea Oceania Region
Andrea Oceania Region Muaj më parë
Well you get more Latinos 2, million more.
Revelations The Lamb Diversified 777
Revelations The Lamb Diversified 777 Muaj më parë
Arizona Latinos?
Theo Byrd
Theo Byrd Muaj më parë
Why are ppl allowing this guy to control their lives? How many times has he been wrong. On top of that he kept ppl from having access to HCQ, which has proven to be safe n effective. He's lied to us on numerous occasions! Wake up ppl! Sheep get slaughtered!!!!
Vincent Owens
Vincent Owens Muaj më parë
Don't they know that Biden is working on fixing the pile of ... mess that our EX left in his slime trail?
my hanh ng singh
my hanh ng singh Muaj më parë
Dr F u were not open or honest from the get go so what changed for u? Your politics stink & ugly as your own reflection. Retire & leave America alone. We can find other ways to come out of this mess.
Rod Turner
Rod Turner Muaj më parë
75,000,000 CULT MEMBERS... Hopefully with their glorious leader being just about completely out of the media loop, maybe the spell will lift. Please open up your eyes...
Oh thats good cause arizona latino's helped elect the communist..cant speak english too good but hey your non citizen uneducated opinion is soooo broke
J. Harris
J. Harris Muaj më parë
The 49.1% that voted for trump in Arizona don't deserve the vaccine!
Raymond Michael Panther74
Raymond Michael Panther74 Muaj më parë
Well gosh ! A group of people who are experiencing the same thing ALL people are ...... everyone is surely special. And we share all these problems. Wear a mask ... show you care about other people, you could save them.
Journey Of Strength
Journey Of Strength Muaj më parë
Stefan Weilhartner
Stefan Weilhartner Muaj më parë
the virus is not alive
A Voice From the Deep Underground
A Voice From the Deep Underground Muaj më parë
Nobody believes a word coming outta faucis mouth that midget tool of the deep state
Habtamu Neftenya
Habtamu Neftenya Muaj më parë
Maybe they should go back to their Rancho so we can have our jobs back
ahgoon69er Muaj më parë
Did we convict the orangutun convicted yet?
All Is one
All Is one Muaj më parë
Yt: Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity.
Gonz Muaj më parë
thats wierd, is something went wrong keep in mind trump administration ha "No plan", give some time to Biden administration to fix trump's mess
Saoirse Muaj më parë
Very hard to believe that anyone would take Biden’s seriousness over COVID when he’s opening borders and lifting flight bans. 😳😠
Frederick Granke
Frederick Granke Muaj më parë
Go to NEWSMAX for the real news These activists are ameture at best Why so many thumbs down on your videos BECAUSE WE WERE CHEATED BY THE DEMS
Ángel Muaj më parë
Yt: Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity
Roxy Van
Roxy Van Muaj më parë
Roxy Van
Roxy Van Muaj më parë
Boo hoo! Wake up! Biden only likes WHITES not any other color!
Liberty and Justice for NONE
Liberty and Justice for NONE Muaj më parë
Latinos. So much sickening division
FAST EDDIE Muaj më parë
What a Minute! 🤔 I Thought Joe Biden, Cured the Coronavirus Yesterday? And got rid of Radical injustice? Are you telling me, that He isn't the 2nd coming of Our Lord, and Savior? Yuk!
Maria Herrera
Maria Herrera Muaj më parë
4 years FAKE NEWS MEDIA. Russia-gated the president. They never actually questioned the Reason why people voted for Trump because the answer was to easy. People hate Democrats for All their wars, making banks bigger, giving more money to the Rich, taking people's homes, destroying the middle class and Obama prosecution of wisoblowers. NOW they will try to put us to sleep again. 🤯😃
Maria Herrera
Maria Herrera Muaj më parë
As soon as a democrat wins Main stream media will put you to sleep 😴😁
Silmarillion Tolkien
Silmarillion Tolkien Muaj më parë
Thousands have died from Covid already since Biden came to office. The media should out headlines like they did it to Trump. Be fair and not biased. Oh wait they don't care. They're he propaganda machine for the Democratic party. it's all an illusion.
Mary Tom
Mary Tom Muaj më parë
Biden don’t care
WhiteBread Muaj më parë
He already got what he needed from them. Don't expect anything else.
U.P. dan
U.P. dan Muaj më parë
Boycott Walmart and Amazon unless you like giving China the money to send you viruses 🦠 back.
Swan CSS
Swan CSS Muaj më parë
Wendy Shoemaker
Wendy Shoemaker Muaj më parë
100 million vaccines in the first 100 days. Has he got out 2 million yet? Just wondering? Lol
Swan CSS
Swan CSS Muaj më parë
Vamos a ver , que va ser este Webon
Pprdro Lshfgh
Pprdro Lshfgh Muaj më parë
I'm an illegal latino and taking all your jobs😜
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh Muaj më parë
Good luck with that.
Heather Sutton
Heather Sutton Muaj më parë
Fake news for fake corona fake money fake president
luis oliverss
luis oliverss Muaj më parë
Night Dance
Night Dance Muaj më parë
He is an illegitimate president. Impeach HIM. DESTITUCIÓN
Peter Hofman
Peter Hofman Muaj më parë
Cmon Man you want something for your Vote, Meet the Big Guy, he's a Deaf Dinosaur, You thought Barney was fun?
John Smith
John Smith Muaj më parë
And just like that Democrats label Arizona's Hispanics as white supremacists.......
Souless Valleys
Souless Valleys Muaj më parë
Good luck with that. Democrats been doing what they want, just ask clinton
Harmonymusiq the original one
Harmonymusiq the original one Muaj më parë
Why does the Federal Register say 0 EO were signed?
Danny Sedgwick
Danny Sedgwick Muaj më parë
MSNBC... are you sure? Your Manchurian Dear Leader was just installed, I’m pretty sure that once the Big Guy Gets his 10% this is all going to go away. As soon as sleepy Beijing Biden finds his mask.
Julie Lilienkamp
Julie Lilienkamp Muaj më parë
Lies lies lies
Sir Tinnley
Sir Tinnley Muaj më parë
The same news that told you 80 million votes and no one shows to his inauguration... can’t trust it
Straight Outta Texas
Straight Outta Texas Muaj më parë
nbc and Msm are a bunch of clowns
Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater Muaj më parë
WHO changed test perimeters day of inauguration. America sees your lies. Nothing like a powerful women being a mouth piece fir state ran communist media! How empowering!
Stephanie Autry
Stephanie Autry Muaj më parë
Masks dont save!! Masks dont prevent Covid-19 viral spread!! Just ask Old Navy, it is stated on the packages. Lol!!
Mike Grendel
Mike Grendel Muaj më parë
John Monroe
John Monroe Muaj më parë
He’s a democrat when it goes wrong “it’s not my fault “
Ray Strong
Ray Strong Muaj më parë
@James Hicks Well now, a man(?) who supports the overthrow of America calling me an imbecile. Lol...that's rich.
Ray Strong
Ray Strong Muaj më parë
@Dave Mustard Stain Fine. Are you??? We've spent 4 yrs hearing Trump, Republicans deflecting, projecting and outright in your face lying, following the mantra of Trump's "I take no responsibility at all for anything" quakery. And you clowns defend that traitor. Yes, I'm fine...ARE YOU!???
Dave Mustard Stain
Dave Mustard Stain Muaj më parë
@Ray Strong Ummm... are you okay there bud?
Ray Strong
Ray Strong Muaj më parë as your master taught you these past 4 yrs clown.
Petros An Nar
Petros An Nar Muaj më parë
For what ? Hold him accountable for enforcing lock downs , economic bankrupt and overall distributing money towards foreign causes that will ultimately not feed American children ,,get your priorities straight , fellow compatriots are all out of your minds
Stephanie Autry
Stephanie Autry Muaj më parë
As an American, English should be a requirement for citizenship. Other countries make immigrants learn their language, USA should as well.
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Muaj më parë
Unfortunately for you Latinos, you won’t matter until 2024. The Dems only care when it’s time to vote. Don’t think for two seconds the Republicans care either.
Amaris Gonzalez
Amaris Gonzalez Muaj më parë
Tell me something guys, why is there hope when a democrat win Presidency? Obama and Biden were at the White House they didn’t do 💩 but spend our money the wrong. And now Biden is back and he’s President and he’s worse then ever we are DOOMED people wake up stop being deceived!!
David Desrosiers
David Desrosiers Muaj më parë
At least you woketards didn't call them Latinx, so there's that.
Google Bot
Google Bot Muaj më parë
Finally a good news. We need to impeach Biden for his 100% failure as a President.
Bruce Handley
Bruce Handley Muaj më parë
The election was stolen and Biden will not be held accountable.
John Doe
John Doe Muaj më parë
Hey Quid Pro Joe, have you fixed the plandemic yet? Why not? Oh yeah, because it's an over exaggerated power and money grab!! Oh, and YOU AIN'T BLACK!!
Xa Agripha
Xa Agripha Muaj më parë
you calling him president does not make him one , infact Joe Biden circumventing the Constitution makes him and his following enemy's of OUR country. so take Cockmala and creepy joe and leave this country.
maryyjanee247 Muaj më parë
Pffffft they couldn't wait to blame all of Trumps bullshiiiii on Biden lol
yec yec
yec yec Muaj më parë
I did not realize PINK was doing side jobs as a reporter. Go girl.
SaphireKancer90 Muaj më parë
They expect him to fix the damage that was done in 1 year (4 to be honest) in one day? If only they had held trumpy to that same standard 😕 And let's be honest, most of those places didn't even follow basic COVID safety precautions (just because the bars/malls were open did not mean you had to go there). People should take responsibility for their own actions, instead of blaming others and expecting them to fix it.
Dicky Seamus
Dicky Seamus Muaj më parë
Aren't we all?
Prince of All Saiyans
Prince of All Saiyans Muaj më parë
Haha can’t wait till their angelic president lets them down. Fools believing in the lies of other fools. At least trump was hated by the establishment which suggested he was more on the side of the people.
bfcowden Muaj më parë
you mean the want to be guinea pigs?
Tammy Tucker
Tammy Tucker Muaj më parë
Yeah good luck with that! That man won’t be held accountable for anything. That’s what happens when you bought and paid for.
DD PN Muaj më parë
Give him a break. He misplaced Cardi B's phone number.
H@ppyC@mper Muaj më parë
Sorry Arizona. You voted for Sanders, but you got Biden. Good luck
tobber fu
tobber fu Muaj më parë
Fake News! Stirring the pot. Its all about me liberal philosophy...
John Matejcik
John Matejcik Muaj më parë
Always make sure that you blame somebody else and don't take responsibility for staying indoors even if the law doesn't tell you to.if the government has to hold your hand so that they can make all your decisions in your life then you have a bigger problem than covid.
Walker Nicholas Barr
Walker Nicholas Barr Muaj më parë
As an American I just can’t walk into Mexico or Canada without a passport... there shouldn’t be exceptions for USA...
Enoch rry
Enoch rry Muaj më parë
True💯..makes no Sense.
Joel Stotler
Joel Stotler Muaj më parë
Welcome to the jungle mister President.
David Pérez
David Pérez Muaj më parë
That’s a lie Latin dint flip anything red to blue
Charlie Manzani
Charlie Manzani Muaj më parë
I'm a Latino and we don't support Biden
L S Muaj më parë
Perhaps some nationalities are more prone to catching Covid infection than others ? I don't know many eastern europeans who got Covid . But maybe it is also because they don't take it seriously and don't take needed precautions . The also have big families and will not comply with social distancing when it comes to many family members
Koffi christian Kouakou
Koffi christian Kouakou Muaj më parë
Victoria J
Victoria J Muaj më parë
Don’t count on a senile old pervert who has been a corrupt establishment politician for 47 years. We all know he used fraud to steal the presidency of the USA. Why are American voting machines connected to servers in Europe? He is a fake president for the fake news. This isn’t going to end well for any of you. You’re all going to jail.
Ina Gadda-Davida
Ina Gadda-Davida Muaj më parë
Biden Bankruptcy Plan Each taxpayer will have pay an average of $34,965 extra for Covid relief. Here are the numbers: Mar 2020-$2.2 Trillion. Dec 2020-$900 Billion. March 2021-$1.9 Trillion. Total 2019 US Tax Returns 143 Million. Average Increased Tax Burden per Tax Return is $34,965. There is NO FREE LUNCH.
Cinda Anderson
Cinda Anderson Muaj më parë
Total lies! MSM is fear mongering and spreading hate!!!
karlwashere123 Muaj më parë
Biden needs to be held accountable for his first day failures. You would do no less to Donald Trump I expect no less for the Democratic party as well.
Patrick 01
Patrick 01 Muaj më parë
C'mon Man I just said the stuff on the teleprompter
karlwashere123 Muaj më parë
Democratic party gets a pass,, it's all Donald Trump's fault. lol
Bilbo Faggins
Bilbo Faggins Muaj më parë
What a racist headline. I'm pretty sure The Latino population has bigger things to worry about.
G Worm
G Worm Muaj më parë
Impeach joe Biden Quid pro quo on video
CYRAX KKCB2MO Muaj më parë how to make enchiladas
CYRAX KKCB2MO Muaj më parë
Plandemic 🤪
Brandon Klein
Brandon Klein Muaj më parë
Obama spent your Hope. So what are you hoping for? More "change"? They spent that too.
Hypnotic Dreamerz
Hypnotic Dreamerz Muaj më parë
I remember Arizona was one of the last state to believe in mask. If you vote for Trump then more of your people will died. When did you hold Trump accountable. Your Republican governor is the one causing those deaths.
E McB Muaj më parë
AZ your dealing with the repercussions of voting Trump 2017. So deal with it.
THOMAS MILLER Muaj më parë
The Trump Administration had NO PLAN! So now we are starting for NULL. I say give it some weeks because it all now makes sense now as to the why things were and are so bad in the USA. the Trump administration just talked BS the entire time... although none of us logical people are surprised.
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed Muaj më parë
Arizona (Trump actually won that too) emocratsday eatedchay.
hugo ter Lingen
hugo ter Lingen Muaj më parë
Look at what you can do yourself as well. Next to age the biggest risk is your own health. Why is nobody addressing this? Insuline Resistance, obesity, lead to diabetes and the second highest risk factor next to age for Civid-19. Still every time you see people seriously overweighted and they say the have no money? Deal positively with it, go on low carb diet, intermittent fasting, safes money and your health and protect yourself against covid and poverty.
Victoria Zapata
Victoria Zapata Muaj më parë
Wtf ever!!! Everyone is waiting and The President hasn’t even been in office a week!! Stop being so selfish!!!
Yeremy Chauvin
Yeremy Chauvin Muaj më parë
Why NBC is so full of Sh* t ???? How sad and evil you are , Fake News .
Yeremy Chauvin
Yeremy Chauvin Muaj më parë
Good thing Trump got all the vaccines coming .. Thank you Trump ......
Jerell 117
Jerell 117 Muaj më parë
Four years four years went by
Diva z
Diva z Muaj më parë
I'm scary to taking vacation. How about you guys?
TOYO TUNDRA17 Muaj më parë
Keep the narrative going, my family is latino and in Phoenix and on the "front line" and they are not saying these things at all!! Report the truth!!!
Kathryn Beecher
Kathryn Beecher Muaj më parë
Yup. That's some sly, slanted, race baiting. "NBC News NOW" should apologize and retract this bs.
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